Hi, Julia here! I'm just your average, awkward 15 year old girl. Except for the fact that I run a blog dedicated to an amazing Canadian show called Degrassi.


Clare/Fiona: Faking it Style 
Clare Edwards and Fiona Coyne are best friends, struggling to fit in at a school where you have to be different to fit in. They decide to be lesbians. Its going great, Fiona has even caught the eye of the most popular guy at Degrassi, Eli Goldsworthy. Only problem? Clare realizes she’s in love with Fiona. 


The fact that this

became this

kills me


Maya: (to Zoe) If it weren’t for you, I’d still be with Miles right now.

…Meanwhile at the Hollingsworth residence…

Miles: *passionately makes out with Tristan’s face*


Season 12 finale: Clare has cancer

Season 13 finale: Clare is pregnant

Man, season finales are not kind to Clare Edwards

I lied last night. I didn’t want to complicate things before your interview. I’m not over you. 

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